IEEE Zagreb Energy Congress 2017 (ZEC 2017)

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The representatives of IEEE Student Branch of CTU Prague were Ing. Martin Čerňan and Ing. Ondřej Šefl. Both of them are also members of IEEE PES, and they are both active in IEEE PES Students Chapter of IEEE Student Branch of CTU Prague. The attendance of both members was based on an invitation from IEEE Student Branch Zagreb.

<þ>The event took place on 13th through 16th December 2017. On the first day (i.e., 13th), all participants gathered at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) of University of Zagreb. After the registration, a series of lectures from industrial companies was presented. The lecturers were professionals from various companies that operate throughout the Balkans. Particularly engaging was a pair of lectures from Siemens, in which their professionals (and also former students of FER) presented the topics of design and construction of wind power plants. Other topics included sustainable development and microgrid systems that utilized renewable energy sources. Following the lectures, the participants were invited to a gala dinner, during which they established contacts with the members of IEEE Student Branch Zagreb.

On the next day (14th), the attendees were scheduled to visit enterprises from power energy industry. These were the factory and test lab of Končar and Energy center Bračak. In the former, the attendees have visited a high voltage laboratory and a high current testing laboratory that was designed to test vacuum circuit breakers. The employees described the equipment in detail and provided professional insight into their daily work routine.

After the visit to Končar, the participants moved to the city of Bračak by a coach. The aforementioned Energy center was located inside the premises of a reconstructed 19th-century chateau. The specialization of the energy center was both minimizing of energy losses and the design of autonomous systems that utilized renewable energy sources. Firstly, the participants were given a tour of the chateau by the employees of Energy center Bračak. After the tour, the attendees were led to a conference hall, in which were presented some of the more recent projects conducted by the company. Such a project was, for example, the installation of LED streetlights instead of the previous sodium-vapor lights, which reduced the energy costs by a substantial amount. Following the lecture, the participants moved once again, this time for dinner to a restaurant in a nearby city, in which was the day’s schedule concluded. On the third day (15th), the participants were once again invited to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of University of Zagreb for another series of lectures. This time, the lectures were presented by academics of the faculty. Some of the lectures were fairly specific (such as regulation of magnetic flux inside the rotor of a wind turbine generator), while some were a bit more general (the overview of new trends in robotics). These lectures were often summaries of dissertation theses of individual lecturers, which may have proved beneficial in motivating some students to pursue postgraduate studies. After the lectures concluded, the participants were invited to a tour of Zagreb by the members of IEEE Student Branch Zagreb.

On the last day of the visit (16th), only one activity was scheduled – a pub quiz in a restaurant near the faculty. The quiz took place at 18:00, which gave the attendees enough time to explore the city on their own during the day. The participants then gathered for the quiz and got to know each other better while competing in a friendly manner. This event concluded the energy conference and the participants then returned to their countries on the following day.

The representatives of IEEE Student Branch of CTU Prague managed to establish contact with the representatives of IEEE Student Branch Zagreb and they expect strong cooperation between both branches in the following years.

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